A person lying on a rock

Hiking Sandals are a Must-have in the Tropics

Hiking Sandals are Popular in the Tropics

A person lying on a rock

Serious hikers of yesteryear swore by their heavy hiking boots. A well-broken-in pair of hiking boots were often re-soled many times before the uppers finally gave out. And their coverage and support of the ankles often saved a hiker’s trip and turned a possible broken ankle into a slight sprain that could be walked on after a rest and a secure taping. 

But the days of heavy boots have almost vanished. These days, hiking sandals are exploding in popularity, especially in the heat and humidity of the tropics.

Hiking sandals fill a gap between heavy-soled shoes and light open-toed sandals. They’re so versatile that they’ve almost become a required item on tropical vacations. They’re the best of both worlds. And they’ve all but replaced the cheap flip-flop. 

Flip-flops served a purpose on vacations, but they’d often break at inopportune moments and leave travelers limping to the closest market or store looking for replacements because of their cheap construction. The replacements were often no better than their last pair, so flip-flops became a somewhat disposable item.

Revelation of Hiking Sandals

When hiking sandals first came on the market, people who had experienced the inconveniences of flip-flops were first in line to buy them. They were perfect for wearing to the beach, on city streets, or hiking trails. The uppers were more rugged and long-lasting, and the soles were much thicker and protected your feet better than flip-flops. 

Possibly the only downside to the sandals is that hikers become overconfident when wearing them. The ankle support of hiking boots is still preferable for long treks over rocky or broken ground, especially if you’ll be far from civilization.

But hiking sandals are the ideal footwear for active vacationers who wear them to wade through streams as well as browse through open-air markets on their vacation. They’ve become the must-have, do-everything vacation footwear.

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