Getting Healthier Will Be a Major Trend for 2022

Confident woman with towel running in park

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic caused many people to make drastic adjustments to their daily lives. Many people chose caution and safety over the buzz of the office workplace and chose to spend most of the past two years working from home.

But with Thailand opening its borders and most residents of the country completing their recommended vaccinations, many people have had it with being cooped up at home. 

The Omicron variant is mostly responsible for the still climbing infection rates in Thailand, but vaccinated people are anxious to claim back their lives from Covid. They’re wearing masks when in public, practicing social distancing, taking their ATK tests regularly and disinfecting their hands several times a day in a bid to get back to something of their normal lives. And getting back in shape is their first priority for 2022.

A Sedentary Lifestyle Takes a Toll

For many people who were used to commuting back and forth to work, working from home was safer, but that safety came with a price. 

People working from home found they were snacking a lot more when their kitchen was within easy reach of their new workspace. Many people let their belts out several times over the course of their work-from-home experience. The need to practice self-discipline offered another hurdle to all the other inconveniences of this new lifestyle. And now people are ready to undo the damage they did to themselves over the past two years by staying sedentary and eating too much for their level of activity.

Look for more crowds in your local gym. Expect to be elbow to elbow in your spinning class in a month or so. And you’ll be fighting for room to lay your mat in your yoga class pretty soon. Look for people in Thailand to get active and healthy once again. 

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